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Bases of Pyramids EP

by Cave Clove

Raining, always raining on my parade I could not even blame if my thoughts worked that way If I’d words to convey that I give weight to staying on the path It’s a crying shame to be here again And I think that you love me as a second thought While I’m trying to deep sea dive you’re obviously still so caught yeah you’re deep, deep in your stories Falling, I’ll be falling straight to the floor I’ll cover my heart in wonder if I find another that proves otherwise Well it’s five white knuckles to stability In fact I’m here again cuz it’s not me Oh I wish I’d been clearer from the start And I think it’s impossible when you’re deep as you are Still hanging around bases of pyramids and it’s not your fault And it’s not my drug anymore
My cheeks are salty breezes She’s got my mother’s dress on Thoughts moving through molasses Stay close and you’ll see past it I’m fast on my feet and I smile in my sleep An island full of wild horses I look at the moon beams and see your wild eyes And they use every part of the buffalo, roosters croon from every angle And he hears the same song every day from the funeral home below I feel lucky and sorry and awe at the same time Took note when worlds collided Keep them when you’re reminded I’m missing you but we’ve only just met I’ll soon be in your arms again Cuz in the wild you gotta be willing and this conversation could make us a killing Sometimes they catch me parading unabashedly Come have a drink on the porch and talk some trash with me As long as I stay amazed I am satisfied in so many ways
Fluke Wiring 04:25
I’ve layed it on the table It’s rough when I am able The redwood colored rapture It’s happy ever after Our pocket universes determining our truths til the novelty disperses Eyes on the dangerous prizes we think quickly all day We try to present as embracingly curious always I’m running my fresh recovered mile a minute And I’m still making you feel like a million dollars I’m still trying to bridge sufficient worlds And when you sense the unbroken circles and that nobody’s to blame it doesn’t make it easy to fathom a system dependent on pain Attempting with all of our fierceness to break even We must shake the hands of our kin as we walk away
These aren’t that good anyway He’s not that good anyway He’ll reach the maxed-out speechless state And he still tries to dominate and I can tell that you want more, but you’re resisting I can tell that you want more Put off by all my wastedness It’s an impenetrable mess But you still come to call Strip down and beg And we want more I pick my battles from my soul And it’s still easy to ignore The hard work coming that knocks me down The same hard work always knocks me down And I abuse myself out of habit I abuse myself It’s the simple things that rescue me I abuse the things that rescue me But you still come to call Strip down and beg It’s past my bedtime again I got you under my skin You contaminate the end of the day And I carry all that extra weight And something good can come from it If you seek soothing
Yellow Light 03:43
It feels like filling The song takes me back to the city And you who bring regrets, I sigh your songs out repeatedly Truck bed full of decadence I wear it on my sleeve The yellow light is mellowing a sinking high Please bring me home tonight Unhinge my soul door, unhinge my soul To feel neverending, reinventing streams of fantasies I’m feathery heart today I am blooming We used to second guess it and it took the power straight away When she said this was her favorite body something changed that day And we still push the medicine with all our friends Unhinge her soul door in return I asked the sea to swallow me And my snow-covered longing And for the courage to love again Floating methodically And while it seems the autumn air has taken us Come with me home Unhinge my soul door, unhinge my soul To feel neverending, reinventing streams of fantasies I’m feathery heart today I am blooming
If my skin cells seem like egg shells Go ahead and crack em, I can take it We can make it through some heavy feelings here and there Tell me brother cuz I need to know If you feel my rays, my piercing gaze Bottles and bottles of messages in tongues are channeled to you and me in heart tongues And I shall play upon it little by middle Scratch and breath, by and by And I want you to remember me that way Well I know you want the answers So let’s make sense of our nonsense together next time cuz it’s in spirit on my part this time You should save some time for savoring if you’re not like me cuz my life’s been nothing but that with the wrong things I’m dumbfounded by the weapons I bring out sometimes But that doesn’t mean those weapons aren’t still heart tongues


released April 25, 2013

Recorded by Greg Ashley at The Creamery in Oakland, CA
Mixed by Davyd Nereo
Mastered by Carlos Arredondo
All songs by Katie Clover
Art by Kenneth Johnson


all rights reserved



Cave Clove Oakland, California

Anthemic soul-meets-indie rock stunners brimming with psych-rock infused production, electrifying guitars, and a West Coast Americana songwriting sensibility.


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